Insofar as a graduate student, even after teaching one class and TAing for a handful of others, can have anything approaching a teaching “philosophy,” each new experience brings an updating and revising of what I thought I knew.

My central goal in teaching Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties at Northwestern University (Winter 2019) was to provide student incentives to read the materials assigned and attend class. Should these goals be met, I reasoned to the students, the exams or grading exercises should pose little or less stress. The student evaluations–which can be viewed here–were mostly encouraging, and at turns amusing (and cringe worthy), in the end being a template to improve upon.

In addition to the “sequence” (Constitutional Law I & II), and Introduction to American Politics, I am interested in teaching both methods classes–qualitative methods, a practicum for archival research, and the philosophy of social science–and seminars on judicial and party politics.